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Due to a backlog of work, we have temporarily closed Submissions. When reopened, the following rules will apply:

  • Re: Submissions for the Second Frog Hollow Press Chapbook Contest, please see Home page.

  • Please note: with the exception of the New Brunswick Chapbook Series, we are no longer publishing short fiction.

Occasional Books — trade paper and chapbooks


  • You must be a Canadian resident — no exceptions.


  • Do not send us your manuscript unless you have been previously published in a trade book, chapbook or a recognized literary journal.

(please do not MAIL submissions)

  • A short bibliography of your previously published work.
  • A 5-page sample from your manuscript. Do not email a full submission unless you have been invited to do so.
  • At least 50% of your manuscript must be new work (previously unpublished).
  • Kindly inform us if this is a serial submission.

If you require further information please email us.

We are also accepting proposals for the following series:
Please email us, giving a brief description of your proposal, your own publication history and a brief biography.

Frog Hollow Series

1 — Contemporary Canadian Poets Series:

This series features the work of established Canadian writers in limited edition, small book formats (100 pages or less);

  • Volume one: David Solway, editor, Demilunes: little windows on Quebec, 2005.

  • Volume two: A.F. Moritz, Now That You Revive, 2007.

  • Volume three: Sharon McCartney, Against, 2007.

  • Volume four: Shane Neilson, Exterminate My Heart, 2008.

  • Volume five: Wayne Clifford, Learning to Dance
    with a Peg Leg: three dozen tunes for a third mate
    , 2009.

  • Volume six: M.Travis Lane, The Book of Widows, 2010.

  • Volume seven: David Helwig, Seawrack, 2013.

  • Volume eight: Ross Leckie, The Critique of Pure Reason, 2013.

The work in question can be completely new material (as in the case of A.F. Moritz’s Now That You Revive);
material previously published in another format (as in David Solway's translations in Demilunes);
or it can be a new thematic selection of poetry by a living author chosen and introduced by a second party.

We will accept proposals from writers with published trade books or other publications. Your proposal should include: your name, the name of the poet whose work would be featured (if different), a possible theme for the book and some information about yourself.

2 — Canadian Masters Series:

This series features the writing of deceased Canadian poets, as introduced by a younger generation of contemporary writers.

  • Volume one: Alden Nowlan & Illness, ed. Shane Neilson, 2005.

  • Volume two: John Glassco and the Other Montreal, ed. Carmine Starnino, 2011.

We will accept proposals from established writers.
Please email us, giving a brief description of your proposal, your own publication history and a brief biography.

3 — Literary Criticism Monographs:

  • 1. Fatherhood: The Poetry of Wayne Clifford, 2011.

  • 2. Proofs & Equational Love: The Poetry of Jim Johnstone, 2011.

  • 3. Dr. Acorn or: How I Joined the Canadian Liberation Movement and Learned to Love the Stern Nurse Fusion Bomb Sun, 2013.

  • 4. Living in the Orchard: the poetry of Peter Sanger, Amanda Jernigan, 2014.

  • 5. How Thought Feels: the poetry of M.Travis Lane, Jan Zwicky, Jeanette Lynes and Shane Neilson, 2015.

Please email us with your proposal only.

4 — New Brunswick Chapbook Series (new):

Featuring short fiction and poetry by selected New Brunswick writers.

  • Volume one: The Noise of the Weeping of the People, Short fiction by Nancy Bauer, 2016.

  • Volume two: tba

Please email us with your proposal only.

5 — The Kid Series:

Anthologies — poems about children.

  • Volume 1. Play: Poems about childhood, Shane Neilson, editor, 2014

  • Volume 2: The Child Alone, Brian Bartlett, editor, 2015.

Please email us with your proposal only.

5 — The City Series

Informal chapbook anthologies featuring the work of previously unpublished poets chosen by guest editors — the series will be location/city-based.

  • Number 1: The City Series – Vancouver, Michael Prior, editor, 2015.

  • Number 2: The City Series – Fredericton, Rebecca Salazar, editor, 2015.

  • Number 3: The City Series – Toronto, Jess Taylor, editor, 2016.

  • Number 4: The City Series – Edmonton, Claire Kelly, editor, 2016.

  • Number 5: The City Series – Halifax, Chantelle Rideout, editor, 2016.

Please email us with your proposal only.

Contact information:

Caryl Peters
Frog Hollow Press
1758 Armstrong Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 5S6

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