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Founded in 2001, Frog Hollow Press
strives to produce books that:

  • enhance the relationship between the reader and the author's work;

  • possess a subtle beauty in terms of the materials used and the style of typesetting and design;

  • are as affordable as possible given that we publish limited editions that are not eligible for Canada Arts Council or provincial grants.

  • While earlier books were letterpressed and hand-bound, the move to publishing longer books has been accompanied by a change in our method of production. Despite this change, FHP strives to maintain a fine press ethos by attention to detail regarding typesetting, cover and book design.

Frog Hollow Press Publications

Canadian Poetry:

  • Canadian Masters Series
  • Contemporary Canadian Poets Series
  • New Brunswick Chapbook Series
  • The Kid Series: Canadian poems about Childhood
  • The City Series -
  • Occasional books chapbooks & trade books

Literary Criticism Monographs

Canadian Masters Series
featuring the work of deceased Canadian poets, as introduced by young Canadian writers.

Volume One: Alden Nowlan & Illness, 2005.
Volume Two: John Glassco and the Other Montreal, 2011.

Contemporary Canadian Poets Series
bridges the gap between the Masters and Chapbook Series and focuses on the work of established writers.

Volume One: Demilunes: Little Windows on Quebec,
   trans. by David Solway, 2005.
Volume Two: Now That You Revive, poetry by A.F. Moritz, 2007.
Volume Three: Against, poetry by Sharon McCartney, 2007.
Volume Four: Exterminate My Heart, poetry by Shane Neilson, 2008.
Volume Five: Learning to Dance with a Peg Leg: Tunes for a Third Mate,
    poetry by Wayne Clifford, 2009.
Volume Six: The Book of Widows, poetry by M.Travis Lane, 2010.
Volume Seven: Seawrack, poetry by David Helwig, 2013.
Volume Eight: The Critique of Pure Reason, by Ross Leckie, 2013.

New Brunswick Chapbook Series
featuring New Brunswick writers and continuing on where the original New Brunswick Chapbook Series under Editor Nancy Bauer (1968-1981) left off.

Volume One: The Noise of the Weeping of the People, short fiction by Nancy Bauer, 2016.

The Kid Series
Anthologies: Canadian Poems about Childhood

Volume One: Play: Poems About Childhood, Shane Neilson, ed., 2014.
Volume Two: The Child Alone,, Brian Bartlett, ed., 2015.

The City Series
Informal chapbook anthologies featuring the work of previously unpublished poets chosen by guest editors the series will be location/city-based.

Number one: Vancouver, Michael Prior, Guest Editor
Number two: Fredericton, Rebecca Salazar, Guest Editor
Number three: Toronto, Jess Taylor, Guest Editor
Number four: Edmonton, Claire Kelly, Guest Editor
Number five: Halifax, Chantelle Rideout, Guest Editor

Literary Criticism Monographs

Number One: Fatherhood: The Poetry of Wayne Clifford,
   by Shane Neilson, 2011.
Number Two: Proofs & Equational Love: The Poetry of Jim Johnstone, by
   Jason Guriel and Shane Neilson, 2011.
Note: Number Two has been completely rewritten and will be published as:
    The Human Equation: the poetry of Jim Johnstone, by Shane Neilson.
Number Three: Dr. Acorn or: How I Joined the Canadian Liberation
    Movement and Learned to Love the Stern Nurse Fusion Bomb
    by Shane Neilson, 2013.
Number Four: Living in the Orchard: the poetry of Peter Sanger, by Amanda Jernigan, with artwork by John Haney, 2014.
Number Five: How Thought Feels: the poetry of M.Travis Lane, by Jan Zwicky, Jeanette Lynes and Shane Neilson, Winter 2015.


Who we are:

Caryl Wyse Peters, Publisher & Designer

Caryl Wyse Peters was a technical analyst at several stock brokerage firms in Montreal and then returned to school earning degrees in East Asian Studies and Contemporary Chinese History at McGill University
and Mandarin at the Beijing Language Institute.

She moved to Victoria in 1995 and began pursuing an interest in bookbinding, letterpress printing and printmaking. In 2000 she participated in an intensive letterpress course under the Elsteds at Barbarian Press, bought a Vandercook and founded Frog Hollow Press.

Shane Neilson, Editor, 2005—

Shane Neilson is a poet from New Brunswick who has a keen sense of Canadian poetry. His writing has been published widely in poetry and medical journals and his book reviews and critical essays have appeared in the Globe and Mail, CNQ, and other literary publications.
He is the author of several poetry collections, among them Meniscus (Biblioasis 2009) and Complete Physical (The Porcupine's Quill, 2010) and two memoirs, Call Me Doctor (Pottersfield Press, 2006) and Gunmetal Blue (Palimpsest Press, 2011). He also edited Approaches to Poetry: The Pre-Poem Moment (Frog Hollow Press, 2009).

Trained as an MD at Dartmouth, Shane practices family medicine in Ontario. He has used his medical background as the basis for his essay in Alden Nowlan & Illness which was released by Frog Hollow Press in March 2005, prior to his taking over as Editor of the Press.

As Editor, Shane hopes to establish a taste that, through its discriminatory and rigourous sense, attracts this country's
best young poets to the Press.

Tom Henihan, Editor, 2002—2005

Tom Henihan was born in Ireland and emigrated to Canada in 1981. He served as Poetry Editor for Frog Hollow Press from late 2002-early 2005.
His books of poetry include Between the Streets (1992),
A Mortar of Seeds (1998), Almost Forgotten... (2002),
and A Further Exile (2002).

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