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Out of Print

Aerobic Capacity by John Lofranco
ISBN 978-0-9735847-7-6, 2007.

Against by Sharon McCartney;
ISBN 978-0-9735847-8-3, and 978-0-9735847-9-0, 2007.

Alden Nowlan & Illness by Shane Neilson
ISBN 0-9735847-0-x, 2005.

Almost Forgotten... by Tom Henihan
ISBN 0-9689907-2-x, 2002.

Asymmetries by John Barton
(boxed set of In the House of the Present and The Strata) (boxed set of In the House of the Present and The Strata)
ISBN 0-9732776-3-7, 2004.

The Beaten-Down Elegies by Shane Neilson
ISBN 0-9732776-2-9, 2003.

The Book of Widows by M.Travis Lane
ISBN 978-0-9810354-9-9 and ISBN 978-0-9865437-0-8, 2010

Brotherly Love by Annick MacAskill
ISBN 978-1-926948-32-4, 2015

The Code Between Us by Robert Gore
ISBN 0-9689907-4-6, 2002.

Commentary on a Non-Existent Self-Portrait by Katie Jordon
ISBN 978-1-926948-06-5, 2012.

The Critique of Pure Reason by Ross Leckie
ISBN 978-1-926948-13-3, 2013.

Crito di Volta by Marc di Saverio
ISBN 978-1-926948-29-4, 2015.

Crosswords by Rhona McAdam
ISBN 0-9689907-9-7, 2003.

Demilunes: Little windows on Quebec David Solway
ISBN 978-0-9732776-8-5 and 0-9732776-7-x, 2005.

Dough Rolled Perfect by Ben Hart
ISBN 978-0-9784232-9-2 and 978-0-9784232-8-5, 2008.

Drawing Blue Stones by Daniella Pateman
ISBN 0-9689907-7-0, 2003.

Dreaming My Grandfather's Dreams by Glen Sorestad
ISBN 0-9689907-5-4, 2002.

Editing Moritz by Shane Neilson and A.F. Moritz (correspondence)
ISBN 978-0-9735847-6-9, 2007.

Elegies by Madeline Bassnett
ISBN 978-1-926948-04-1, 2011

Englishing by Dominique Bernier-Cormier
ISBN 978-1-926948-44-7, 2017

Epoch by Jim Johnstone
ISBN 978-1-926948-11-9, 2013.

Excerpts from Gerald, God and the Chickens by Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst
ISBN 978-0-9784232-2-3 and 978-0-9784232-3-0, 2008.

Exhibition Catalogue by Claire Sharpe
ISBN 978-0-9865437-8-4, 2011.

Exterminate My Heart by Shane Neilson; deluxe only
ISBN 978-0-9784232-0-9, 2008.

Fatherhood: the poetry of Wayne Clifford
ISBN 978-1-926948-01-0, 2011.

Friar Biard's Primer to the New World by Asa Boxer and James Hillis
ISBN 978-1-926948-08-9, 2013.

Full Mondegreens by Andy Verboom and David Huebert
ISBN 978-1-926948-39-3, 2016.

Ghazals: Rai and Sohni by Kuldip Gill
ISBN 0-9732776-1-0, 2003.

Homing Instinct by Shoshanna Wingate
ISBN 978-1-926948-03-4, 2011.

How to Lose Friends Without Really Trying by Syd Lazarus
ISBN 978-1-926948-81-2, 2019

In the House of the Present by John Barton
ISBN 0-9732776-4-5, 2004.

An Invitation for Happiness by Wendy Morton
ISBN 0-9689907-0-3, 2002.

Knife in the Head by Mark Anthony Jarman (short fiction)
978-0-9865437-3-9 and ISBN 978-0-9865437-4-6, 2010.

Learning to Dance with a Peg Leg by Wayne Clifford
ISBN 978-0-9810354-2-0 and 978-0-9810354-3-7, 2009.

Left Shoulder Voices by Jim Roberts
ISBN 978-1-926948-46-1, 2017.

Listen Partisan! And other stumbling haibun by Chris Johnson
ISBN 978-1-926948-42-3, 2016.

Looking for Tito by Goran Simic (short fiction)
ISBN 978-0-9810354-7-5 deluxe only.

Milk Teeth by Daniel Kincade Renton
ISBN 978-1-926948-27-0, 2015

Miracle Mile by Alexander MacLeod (short fiction)
ISBN 978-0-9784232-4-7 and 978-0-9784232-5-4, 2008.

Moving Small Stones by Patrick Lane, ed.
ISBN 0-9689907-6-2, 2003.

Now That You Revive by A.F. Moritz
ISBN 978-0-9735847-2-1 and 978-0-9735847-3-8, 2007.

Obtain No Proof by Carla Harris
ISBN 978-1-989946-00-8, 2020.

Old Bridges by Mark C. Asser
ISBN 0-9732776-0-2, 2003.

Oneiric by Nyla Matuk
ISBN 978-0-9810354-0-6 and 978-0-9810354-1-3, 2009.

Poems for the Luminous World by Pamela Paige Porter
ISBN 0-9689907-1-1, 2002.

Proofs & Equational Love: the Poetry of Jim Johnstone by Jason Guriel and Shane Neilson
ISBN 978-1-926948-02-7, 2011.

Reissue by Carl Watts
ISBN 978-1-926948-43-0, 2016

Rhinocerotic by Ellie Sawatzky
ISBN 978-1-926948-58-4, 2018.

Right Hand Hymns by Aidan Chafe
ISBN 978-1-926948-38-6, 2017.

Road Trips by Rebecca Rosenblum
ISBN 978-0-9865437-1-5 and 978-0-9865437-2-2, 2010.

Rose and Brine by Janice Colbert
ISBN 978-1-926948-41-6, 2016.

Sea Legend by Mark Callanan,
ISBN 978-0-9810354-6-8, 2010.

A Set of Deadly Negotiations by George Murray
ISBN 978-0-9732776-9-2, 2005.

Seven Fat Years by Isa Milman
ISBN 0-9689907-3-8, 2002.

The Shape of Things: translations from Rilke's Neue Gedichte (1907-8) by Geoff Cook
ISBN 978-1-926948-55-3, 2018

Sotto Voce by Chantelle Rideout
ISBN 978-1-926948-07-2, 2013

The Stages of J. Gordon Whitehead by Steven Heighton (short fiction)
ISBN 978-0-9784232-6-1 and 978-0-9784232-7-8, 2008.

The Strata by John Barton
ISBN 0-9732776-5-3, 2004.

Swan Dive by Michael Prior
ISBN 978-1-926948-24-9, 2014.

Tantramar Vespers by Christopher Snook
ISBN 978-1-926948-64-5, 2018.

their blue drowning by Dean Steadman
ISBN 978-0-9865437-5-3 and 978-0-9865437-6-0, 2010.

There is no minor violence just as there is no negligible cough during an aria by Kevin Heslop
ISBN 978-1-926948-85-0, 2019

The Thing About Things by Andrew Hood (short fiction)
ISBN 978-0-9865437-9-1 and 978-1-926948-00-3, 2011.

This Mud, A Word by Simon Brown (NB Chapbook #10)
ISBN 978-1-926948-82-9, 2019

tracery and interplay by Matt Robinson
ISBN 0-9732776-6-1, 2004.

Trader Poets by Stephen Bett
ISBN 0-9689907-8-9, 2003.

Ur-Moth by Claire Kelly
ISBN 978-1-926948-20-1, 2014.

We Are Not the Bereaved by Jesse Eckerlin
ISBN 978-1-926948-05-8, 2012.

The Whole and Broken Yellows by Jennifer Zilm
ISBN 978-1-926948-14-0, 2014.

Out of Print Broadsheets

Achromatope, by Zachariah Wells, 2007.
Cassandra, by A.F. Moritz, 2007.
What We Need Words For, by Rebecca Seiferle, 2002.
Dominion Day Dance, by Patrick Lane, 2001.
For You, Sister, at Christmas, by M.E. Csamer, 2004.
A Prophet in His Own Country, by Lorna Crozier, 2001.
What We Need Words For, by Rebecca Seiferle, 2002.


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