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We are once again accepting submissions in all categories, including occasional chapbooks.

  • Dis/Ability Series
  • New Brunswick Chapbook Series
  • Literary Criticism Monographs
  • Occasional Books — Chapbooks
  • Possible Chapbook Contest

For Those About to Submit, I Salute You Thusly:

Frog Hollow Press is transforming, a little. We are still publishing poetry chapbooks and books of literary criticism, BUT we’re closing the submissions door and opening it at the same time. What can I say? It’s complicated! And also not. Read the entire entry to see what we take. Read it closely and adhere to it if you would like to publish with us. To get the repetitive stuff out of the way, we’ll tell you the following now: send us a query letter, as is standard, and don’t forget contact information; include five poems with the query, no more; and send your submissions to No print submissions as we tend to lose these.


Over the past twenty years, we’ve focused on poets and poetry with/about/informed by dis/ability but the focus was hardly exclusive and also never explicitly stated. We’re stating it now by unveiling The Dis/Ability Series which is actively seeking texts by poets with dis/ability.

Meaning: POETS with dis/ability, who submit POETRY manuscripts that are chapbook-sized.

Do the manuscripts need to be ENTIRELY about dis/ability issues? Or dis/ability experience? Etc.? No. Does there need to be a meaningful and significant connection? Yes. What are dis/ability issues and dis/ability experience? If you’re asking those questions, then good — and answer them yourself. In your query letter, include a few sentences regarding your connection to dis/ability. Send us manuscripts in both the alternative embodiment traditions and the “invisible disability” traditions. (Note those scare quotes.) We are happy to tell you that we have a special interest in pain, mad studies, and representations of mental illness. These will be our proud emphases as we start off the series and we preferentially will look for work of this sort.

Hooray, right? CANADA has a DIS/ABILITY SERIES!!! We are small and cover the poetry genre only, but trade publishers, take note and please replicate this initiative as you have with racialized and queer persons. It’s fun!

Submissions to this series WILL NEVER CLOSE, till death do Caryl (publisher) and I (editor) part.


For just two years now, THE NEW BRUNSWICK CHAPBOOK SERIES has been chugging along and the future looks bright for it. This series resurrects the late 60’s-early 70’s project of Nancy Bauer, who coordinated the original version. In that original version, 25 books were eventually produced, and many of them included writers that became quite renowned in the odd configuration that is CanLit. It is our goal to do 25, too. And more, if we can; but who knows, right? You needn’t currently reside in NB in order to get published in our series but it certainly is an easy verification tool! For those who don’t live in NB, I feel your pain. I don’t either. But to think of me as an Ontarian makes me snicker. Merely provide your bona fides and make your case in your query letter and we’ll think about it. While you’re at it, have a look at previous titles in the series to get a better sense of things.

As with The Dis/Ability Series, submissions to this series WILL NEVER CLOSE. Query us year-round.

We are especially looking for submissions from Indigenous, racialized, and queer poets although we recognize in the case of Indigenous poets that the colonial claim being made by the title of our series will be very carefully qualified within the text.

We also have an interest in French language poetry from Acadians but as yet we do not have systems in place to process such submissions. Therefore, we proceed on a solicitation-only basis.


Got book-length criticism on poetry? Let us see! The wicket never closes. We have worked very hard to encourage people to contribute to the Literary Criticism Series and despite constant effort with direct solicitation, we find that Canadian poets very much prefer to be written about rather than doing the work of writing about others. This series constitutes our effort to rise the tide for everyone. Do not send us your manuscript if you are not prepared to invest in terms of labour. We will work with you to make your book of criticism the best it can be.



  • You must be a Canadian national — no exceptions.


  • Do not send us your manuscript unless you have been previously published in a trade book, chapbook or a recognized literary journal.

(please do not MAIL submissions)

  • A short bibliography of your previously published work.
  • A 5-page sample from your manuscript. Do not email a full submission unless you have been invited to do so.
  • At least 50% of your manuscript must be new work (previously unpublished).
  • Kindly inform us if this is a serial submission.

If you require further information please email us.


If we decide to hold a Chapbook Contest in 2019, an announcement will be made shortly.


Remember, our contest window is a general, open window for the denoted period. The only restriction, as with all our other series, is that the submitter must be a Canadian national. We are very proud of our contest because it has brought forward many strong new voices in Canadian poetry.

The contest is free to enter.

Send poems written in English - translations are welcome, but there must be an English translation.

Manuscripts should be from 12-30 pages in length, NOT including title page, acknowledgements, etc.

DO NOT include identifying data in the ms.
If you do, you will be disqualified. The Press prides itself on selecting contest manuscripts blind.

Do not submit your manuscript if you intend to republish the material within a year in a trade collection or other edition. This means “within a year” of our possible publication of your work, not from the time you send it to us for consideration in the contest. Don’t waste our time.

We are interested in receiving materials from all Canadians, including from the racialized/genderqueer/seniors/disabled. That there is no entry fee already signals that we are interested in submissions from the financially challenged.

Poets at all stages of career may submit.

A shortlist will be generated some time after the contest closes.

Some of the poets on the shortlist may be approached for possible publication. Such publication is dependent on whether the poet and editor can develop a working relationship.

The winner of the contest will be published by Frog Hollow Press.

Keep in mind the above — send submissions to


  • (1) Timely response, within reason. If we feel delays are unsupportable by us, we will say so.
  • (2) Respectful correspondence. I wouldn’t say we have a “zero tolerance” policy, for I do understand that people come from different places and experiences; but consider yourself warned that if the press feels it is being disrespected, we will warn once, and then we’ll not need to again.
  • (3) Collaboration, within reason! We like working with authors on design. But we have the ultimate say and if we don’t like your idea, we’re free to reject it.

Email queries that are answerable by consulting the pre-existing content of this page will be ignored.


Don’t submit to this chapbook press if you expect payment. If this is news to you, we encourage you to get more experience in the world of micropress which is not funded by government. (We do provide 10 copies of your chapbook for free and then a significant discount on remaining copies.)

We don’t do launches, it’s your responsibility and we prefer that you hold one. Otherwise your book tends not to sell and success is you selling your book and that book being read. Sometimes, though, I do arrange launches in the city of Toronto because it’s close by. But not always.

Contact information:

Caryl Peters
Frog Hollow Press
1758 Armstrong Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 5S6

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